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SMS Hub of WordPress, Sell, Share & Send SMS.

SMSPress is a wordpress plugin that allows you to sell, share and send SMS to mobile phones from your wordpress blog/website. It supports both single and bulk SMS (text message). You can run SMS campaign, send invitations, meeting notice,product advert, etc to a large pull of mobile phone numbers and, or also run this as a service to your blog visitors/users. Users can purchase SMS Unit from you, online using any of the payment options listed below or via your Voucher and run their own SMS campaign. Users can resell their unit via SMS Transfer to other users


Payment Options:

SMSPress supports five payment options (and counting). With multiple payment options integrated, SMSPress has more than what is required to start reselling your SMS service in 5 minutes. Supported payment options, includes

  • Paypal
  • Stripe Checkout
  • Voguepay
  • GTPay
  • Bank Deposit
  • PayStack
  • IPay Africa
  • Lipa na MPESA
  • More payment options on the way

Multiple SMS Services Provider

SMSPress is not limited to one SMS Service Provide, You can choose any of the available SMS provider already available in SMSPress or request for new provide to be added, in this case the new provider will added within 48hrs. Twilio SMS Messaging Portal is supported

Compose SMS Interface

User friendly SMS Compose interface with instant character counter, number counter and price checker; Mobile friendly interface, and support for all mobile devices and screen sizes.

Printable Voucher

SMSPress supports SMS Voucher generation, printing and sales: You can resell SMS Units as printable vouchers, this feature, makes it easy to resell SMS services in CAMPUS, internet Café, and any other offline shops.

Unit Transfer

Transfer unit from one user to another with a unique security pin

Sort Numbers

Sort numbers before sending message, If you have non-comma separated number, you can sort it with number playground, available in SMSPress.

Remove Duplicate numbers via number playground.

Many more

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